Can I Close my Hole Under my Lip That Was Pierced for 1 Year? (photo)

I'm 17 year old male and I got this stupid piercing under my lip when I was 13, and a year later I took it off and it never closed. Now i'm stuck with this Regretful hole under my lip. I've been trying to get a hold with other doctors around San Bernardino but they are asking over 1000$. I just want to pay a couple hundreds for this small hole. Most of all the professionals are in Beverly hill and that's far. I just want to know the cost and if its possible to get it close.

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Repair of a piercing scar in Los Angeles

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Typically, piercing scars are amenable to treatment with layered closure.  Cost is usually dependent on the area and the severity of the scar. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

Repair of piercing hole

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I can appreciate your cost sensitivity but repairing this defect requires a lot of training and skill for which we are compensated. I don't think that $1000 is an unreasonable price. You can check on the website of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons by zip code to find a board certified plastic surgeon closer than Beverly Hills. Best of luck.

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