Teeth repair and chipped tooth. Gap as well. (photos)

I have a gap and a chipped tooth next to my front tooth. I want to fix that on a low budget.

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Gaps and chipped teeth

Thanks for sending your question. I treat smiles similar to yours routinely. Its important to realize that due the way your teeth line up, its not possible to simply place bonding on your teeth and expecting it to last. The ideal way to treat your situation would be to first align your teeth properly, using clear aligners, like the Invisalign system. Once straight then to correct the chipping with bonding. All the best,

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Destructive Bite Relation

You have a "mal-occlusion" and no restorative treatment will last if performed without first correcting the mal-occlusion.  You actually are in an End-On bite relation which is slowly destroying your front teeth.  This will continue to fracture and break your teeth as well as any Bonding, or Veneers you do without first moving the teeth into better position with orthodontic therapy.

Chips and gaps

The most economical way for you to improve your smile is to consider composite bonding to close in spaces and to repair broken edges. the cause of the fractures needs to be considered as well as your bite may be causing some of the breakdown. Seek out a skilled cosmetic dentist--look for before and after photos of their work. Costs may be a concern but better to get a great result that lasts than a poor result that does not. Good luck.

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