What are my options for removing these bony "bumbs" on my forehead? (photos)

Since I was 10, I noticed two bumps on my forehead. They are bony, symmetrical, and are very visible when they cast a shadow such as when a light is overhead. Needless to say, they have caused me a lot of anxiety and stress over the years since they can be quite noticeable. What are my treatment options? What kind of surgeon should I consult? How visible would a scar be after surgery? Ballpark price? Thank you!

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Hairline lowering incision for bony bumps

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These are quite common and are treated with open surgery.   You would need an exam and likely a CT scan to better characterize the bumps prior to entertaining a surgical procedure.  Your story is consistent with what you think it is, but you should be examined by a doctor with expertise.

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Bumps on the forehead

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Bony abnormalities of the forehead can be treated surgically by special doctors with the skills to reduce these bony prominence. Some plastic surgeons and facial ENT surgeons do this type of work

William Rassman, MD
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