How much should I weigh when I go in for my TT/MR? (photo)

I am 51 yrs old, 5'5" and currently weigh 217lbs. Though I plan to continue to lose some weight prior to surgery (planning on early Jan 2014) and after. I am fairly comfortable with my shape, just want to remove the apron left from c-section/childbirth, tighten the tummy muscles a little, and maybe contour the hips a little. My PS says considering my goals/desired results! I am good to go for surgery. My question is: Am I too heavy for this surgery? If I should lose weight, how much?

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How much should I weigh?

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Hi HappSuzy. The less you weigh the better your results will be and the fewer the complications as well. if you cannot lose any more weight I agree with your ps that as long as you have realistic expectations you can get a nice result. Good luck

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Tummy tuck weight

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You will get the best results from tummy tuck surgery by being as close as possible to your ideal body weight.

Lose more weight before best tummy tuck result

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Thank you for your question and photographs.congratulations on your weight loss and your plans to improve your body.

Honestly from your photographs it appears that you will definitely benefit losing more weight before your surgery. Performing a tummy tuck while there is still significant fat beneath the skin will limit the amount of tightening that your surgeon can achieve during your tummy tuck.

In addition if you lose weight after your tummy tuck the skin will sag again

.The closer you are to your ideal final weight the better your tummy tuck results will be.

How much should I weigh when I go in for my TT/MR?

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Best results are best at a lower weight!! Try and lose 40 pounds before your surgery. Good luck..///

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