During turbinoplasty with microdebrider, is the periosteum damaged or debrided along with the stromal tissue?

is the periosteal lining debrided during submucosal resection of the inferior turbinate using microdebrider?

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Turbinate surgery

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 There are many different techniques that can reduce the size of the turbinates which include a microdebrider. The bone and periosteum would probably be removed with a microdebrider.

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Yes it is

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The point of performing a submucous resection of the turbinates is to remove bone, including periosteum, while preserving the mucosa intact.

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Usually the goal of the microdebrider is used to take out the turbinate without causing major damage to surrounding structures. The turbinate has both a bony component and soft tissue component and the periosteum of the turbinate may be affected because the goal is to remove the turbinate or at least debulk it to help open the airway. Best of luck, MMT

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