Stitches bleeding, not much swollen anymore, is it normal? Does it usually happen? Should I see my doctor? (Photo)

had labiaplasty 9 days ago but today I noticed I was bleeding a bit Looks like it came from a stitch inside Could it be from walking around doing household chores the past 2 days? Could I have been irritating it anyhow? On my labia it looks like a stitch came loose but it's still there (they're dissolvable stitches) both just look like a little red open cut, called my doctor and he said it was normal &just to take a warm bath in Epsom salt. Right side swollen a bit doesn't sting or burn

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Spotting after Labiaplasty

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Please contact your plastic surgeon with your concerns as I am certain he/she would like to hear what’s going on.In terms of small areas of spotting after labiaplasty; this can occur and it’s not alarming.Continue your sits baths and apply antibiotic ointment to the area in addition to wearing a pad.Best of Luck.

Always Best to See Your Doctor

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I encourage all of my patients to see me whenever they have any concern; I make myself available to my patients 24/7.
Some bleeding and visible suture material is common after labiaplasty and is not a cause for particular concern. I generally recommend that my patients get plenty of rest, elevation of the pubic region, gentle cleansing of the vagina, and topical bacitracin ointment for the first several days to keep the area moist. The tissues of the labia are fragile and are prone to irritation and swelling after surgery.
The photos above demonstrate an intact repair and no signs of infection are visible. Always best to see your surgeon if there is anything that concerns you.

Bleeding and stitches from Labiaplasty

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The concerns you have can occur following labiaplasty and do not likely represent anything to be alarmed about. With that being said, I always prefer my patients to be evaluated if they are having any problems after labiaplasty and instruct them to contact me.  Good Luck, 

Gaurav Bharti

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