Removal of Implants From 10 Years Ago?

I had implants 10yrs ago.Within a yr or two I started having major medical problems.I need to find a plastic surgeon that would be willing to help me fight the insurance to pay for the removal and lift due to medical necessity.How can I get a dr to help me fight this battle?Its hard getting past the appt setter when you tell them you need a consultation for removal because medically beneficial when it was elective.There has to be a dr willing to help!! I'd love to get relief for chronic pain.

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Removal of Breast Implants From 10 Years Ago?

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Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, the physician and surgeon have little influence as they are perceived by the insurance company to be promoting their own interest. The insurance companies are unfortunately in control of much of our medical and health care dollar expenditure, and surgeons, nurses, and health care people in general do not have the influence needed to correct this problem.  I hope this helps.

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Removal of Implants From 10 Years Ago?

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The problem is likely related to surgeon's experience that essentially no carriers will cover removal of implants that were placed for cosmetic reasons. They can point to many studies showing no causative relationship to medical illnesses, and therefore no medical indications for removal . Even the occasional carrier that will cover removal of leaking gel implants will not cover a breast lift. 

If the removal is uncomplicated, it can often be done under local anesthesia, and the costs are often quite modest. 

All the best. 

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Breast Impact Removal/Breast Lifting and Insurance Coverage?

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I am sorry to hear about the problems you are experiencing. However, realistically speaking it is very unlikely that you ( with or without a plastic surgeon's “help”) will be successful in convincing  a health insurance company that removal of breast implants and or  breastlifting is “medically necessary”.  If possible, starting a savings account to allow for this breast surgery,  will likely be a better use of your energy/time.

 Best wishes.

Removal of breast implants ten years later usually is not covered by medical insurance.

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Medical insurance companies usually do not reimburse for replacement of breast implants.  Many years ago when women had placement of Dow Corning silicone implants, that company later paid its clients to have the implants removed if they chose to do so.  Since that time and after ten years of FDA studies (4000) being performed, there were no contraindications to silicone breast implants found.  Silicone breast implants have been FDA approved for use for primary breast augmentation since approximately 2007.  You may try contacting your insurance company and disclose to them the symptoms you are having and ask if they will reimburse for removal.  Some plastic surgeons do not except medical insurance but you may file for yourself.  Not knowing your symptoms makes it difficult to provide acurate information.  If you would like to elaborate, I will try to help you.

Thank you.

Nana N. Mizuguchi, MD, FACS
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