Follow-up question: Ptosis (right eye), upper and lower Blepharoprasty (right and left) two weeks ago. No recovery?

I posted picture last week from my surfer. I am really concerned now because there is not improvement of recovery. Actually not changed at all since the surgery date. From 2 days ago, it is very itchy and the suture line area started getting red and irritated. My left eye is more swollen now. I had not washed face eye area since the surgery date. I talked to my surgeon and he suggested to use gentamycin ointment (I received from the op date) to keep it moist.

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Eyelid Surgery

It is hard to definitively diagnose a problem from a picture and I would recommend seeing an oculo-plastic surgeon which is an ophthalmologist with a concentration in plastic surgery specifically around the eyelids. That being said, it looks to me that you have what is called ectropion.

The full healing process for eyelid surgery is a year. The milestones occurs at the 6 week mark, 3 month mark, 6 months and then a year.

Inflammation and irritation can occur for a number of reasons, the most common being allergy from ointments or soaps. I would suggest stopping any ointments and washing your face with cold water (no soap).

That being said, you should keep following up with your surgeon during the entire healing process to ensure that you are healing well. If it is infected or irritated, your doctor will be able to provide treatments or other recommendations to control your discomfort.

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Recovery from ptosis repair and blepharoplasty

Swelling and bruising after surgery can take many weeks to totally resolve. Itching may be caused by inflammation, infection, and allergic response to topical medication. It is imperative that you continue to follow up with your surgeon as you are healing. He/she needs to see your eyelid progress over time to know if recovery is proceeding properly - and to be sure that there is no infection or allergic inflammatory problem. Best wishes. 

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