Is this how a lift should look ? Will my implant ever come out of my side? (photos)

I am going to be 11 wks. Post op in a couple of days. I had a breast aug with lift. I am. My right implant feels like it's more back into my arm put as my left seems more full and round out... my left also sags more.. will that implant ever come out of my armpit.. saline under muscle

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Implant position concerns

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Hi Being.
You really do not give adequate information to do justice with an answer.
My guess is that the position of the implant is more or less set.  Sagging at this stage may herald more sagging in the future.
Your pics demonstrate good position, however, you are not in standard positions for photos.
Best bet is to get with your doctor and discuss your concerns.  It is not uncommon for "adjustments" to be required when combined procedures are performed.
All the best.


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Than you for the photos but if you are concerned see your surgeon or other expert in the area and be evaluated in person
Dr Corbin

Aug and lift

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Its very difficult to judge your look without seeing more photos in standard views for comparison and an examination. My best advice to you is to express your concerns to your plastic surgeon. Write down all the questions you have and your concerns. He/She is here to guide you and will walk you through this recovery to make sure you reach your goals.

Kiran Polavarapu, MD
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

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