Low lid bleph. Why don't my lower lids move?

10wks post op. Lower lids do not move. Eyes look smaller. Out corner incision made. Did not remove skin. Lower lid is completely fixed. Feels tight. When I open my eyes wide they do not move. Only my upper lid moves. What is going on? My doc won't answer me because I'm mad at him for not using a transconjunctuval technique.

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You need a personal consultation to physically assess the eyelids.

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You made a bad choice in surgeons.  It also sounds like you made assumptions about how your surgeon would accomplish your eyelid surgeon.  Was this the same surgeon who performed your breast surgery?  It is hard for one surgeon to be good in everything.  For example, my practice is focused on eyelid surgery.  70% of my surgical practice is revising unsatisfactory cosmetic eyelid surgery.  Many adverse results can be improved with revisional eyelid surgery.  However these are advanced and complex procedure.  Their require a profoundly detailed assessment to determine what resources are left after the original surgeries. At 10 weeks, it is not likely things will get better on their own.  I recommend begining the process of seeking opinions regarding what is going on and how best to improve the situation.

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