Intramuscular butt implants - Resutures ripped off. Will this heal? How long

I'm on antibiotics and Salvadine ointment.

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Buttock Incision Separation

You are doing the perfectly appropriate treatment of Silvadene and dressings. You can not simply suture back the wound at this point. This is not a rare occurrence from the intergluteal incision and it will go own to heal...but it will take about 6 weeks it fully heal.

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Will this heal after "resutures ripped off"?

 The rule of thumb is, if the wound opens up but the implant cannot be visualized after further examination and probing then the wound may heal with local wound care in the form of dressings changes 2 to 3 times a day. If an attempt to resuture the wound closed reopens and there's fluid draining then further  definitive exploration of the wound is necessary to confirm again that the implant is not exposed in which case it will have to be removed. 

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Intramuscular butt implants - Resutures ripped off. Will this heal? How long

Hello Bootydreams20,
Thanks for your question.
Wound separation is a risk of butt implant surgery.  If you keep the area clean and take good care of it, and stay nourished with a high protein diet, it should heal up in no time.  The antibiotics will reduce the risk of infection so that the wound heals better as well.
Keep on top of the wound with your surgeon.  Look at it with a mirror daily to make sure things are moving in the right direction.
Good luck,
Dr. Shah

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Butt implants and incision

The incision of a buttock augmentation is at risk of wound separation. If the implants are not exposed, this often goes on to heal with local wound are alone. Good luck.

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