Intramuscular butt implants (Photo)

I am two weeks post opp and I'm extremely worried I noticed that my left implant was placed further down and towards my butt crack. It is not as noticible when standing up but I can feel the implant on my crack when k touch it. Can this cause problems especially when sitting down because I know the end of the implant is on my butt, leg crease. I can even feel it poking when a standing up. I will ask my ps I just want other opinions. Ty!

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Intramuscular butt implants

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Intramsucular placement of implants is the preferred way to do silicone implant buttock augmentation. The muscle will contract against the implant with different intensities during the first week. Slight differences in position are therefore normal and usually level out by without any action within the first weeks.
If a real problem with implant placement exists, this can usually not be assessed with absolute certainty until a few weeks after. 

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