If I get implants before having kids, will my breast shape change to the point of needing more work post pregnancy?

I would like to have my breasts done before my wedding this Sept 2017.

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If I get implants before having kids, will my breast shape change to the point of needing more work post pregnancy?

Thank you for the thoughtful question.  Generally, timing of  breast augmentation is a very personal decision.  I advise patients if they are  planning on having  children in the near future (this is open to interpretation) to wait on the breast augmentation procedure. Doing it this way will  potentially minimize  the number of operations  that the patient will undergo.  

 Unfortunately there is no way to predict exactly how a patient's breasts will change after pregnancy. A good indication may be to evaluate the changes that occurred with your mother's breasts after her pregnancies (although this is not foolproof either). It may be helpful to keep your weight as stable as possible (under the guidance of your OB/GYN) to prevent significant changes with the breasts related to the weight changes.

Some common changes seen with the breasts  after pregnancy include " involutional  hypoplasia" (breasts  become smaller)  and/or breast ptosis (" drooping"). The changes the breasts experience may be related to genetic factors, skin elasticity changes, hormonal effects, and/or weight gain/loss around the time of pregnancy.

  Anecdotally, in our practice, we have seen many patients have pregnancies, and not require additional breast surgery subsequently.

 Best wishes.

Will breasts change after pregnancy?

They can, and the changes can be either subtle or extreme. Weight fluctuations also influence size and shape. No one can predict how much your breasts will change with pregnancy or breast feeding. 

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Breast change post pregnancy

Thank you for your question.  It's difficult to predict the impact pregnancy will have on your breast shape.  Every person responds uniquely; some people's breasts will rebound very well but others will seek to have more surgery after to improve the shape.

Breast Implants Before or After Pregnancy

I always tell patients that every woman's breasts will change with pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. The degree of change is highly variable from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy. On average, breast volume diminishes slightly and skin stretches as a result of the enlargement that occurs with pregnancy.

That being said, unless you are planning a pregnancy in the near future (

If I get implants before having kids, will my breast shape change to the point of needing more work post pregnancy?

The need for more surgery after a pregnancy in a woman that has had breast implants depends greatly on how large she gets while pregnant, and how long she breast feeds. The larger you get and the longer you breast feed, the greater the risk of needing corrective breast surgery.

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Implants and post pregnancy

Thank you for your question. It is OK to have now. Your breasts will undergo changes during your pregnancy and lactation. That can be addressed later depending on the severity and your goal.

Pregnancy Changes

The short answer is: You never know!  It depends on a lot of factors, including how much breast tissue you start with and how much they enlarge during pregnancy...ironically, implants are not affected by pregnancy, and so in a certain sense offer a hedge against pregnancy changes...

Certainly a lot of women get implants before pregnancy. 

Good Luck!

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Breast Implants

Thank you for your question.

It is fine to have a implants prior to pregnancy. You may have changes with your breasts after having children, you can address that with your surgeon if and when it happens. Best of luck and congratulations!

Breast implants for my wedding - what about changes with pregnancy?

Thank you for asking about your breast implants.

  • Definitely go ahead and have your implants now for your wedding.
  • Just don't have them excessively large.
  • No one can predict what happens to our breasts with pregnancy.
  • Our breasts may not change, may sag, may lose volume -
  • If yours lose volume, at least you have the implants so you won't be flat.
  • If you sag - then you will need a lift but many women without implants need lifts after pregnancy so it's not necessary from your implants.
  • Hope you have a fabulous wedding!

Always consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Best wishes. Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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