I have a skin scar from a burn and it's like a white mark. I want the rest of my skin that color, how? (photo)

my skin is permanently tanned from being in the sun for most of my life almost everyday without wearing sunblock and I live in Texas. I started wearing sunblock this year almost for 5 months now and I'm 19. I have a burn mark I got about 2 years ago or more and the scar is like a few shades lighter and I want my skin the color of my scar. I exfoliate now for about 6 months to a year now and Idk what to do please help me. I exfoliate my skin off sometimes in some small areas.

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Sun Tanning -- Minimize Exposure/ SPF30; Medical Tattooing

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I suggest minimizing your sun exposure and applying an SPF of at least 30 when outdoors. Burns can be treated with lasers or tatooing. Best, Dr. Emer

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