I need help with my chin. What surgery do you recommend for me?

Okay I've always hated the way my chin looks especially when I smile. What surgery do you recommend for me or what would they do to this type of chin of mines?

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Chin Surgery

Hi Sanro.  Please note that the definitive answer to your question rests with an in-person consultation; also side photos are necessary to evaluate the degree of chin recession.

A “strong” and well-defined jaw and chin have traditionally been attractive physical traits. As such, some patients present with concerns about a weak or recessed chin.

A more aesthetic chin may be achieved by placement of a chin implant. Interestingly, a balanced chin improves overall facial appearance and may actually influence nasal projection.For example, a weak chin may increase the severity of an overprojected nose.

Good overall medical health, as well as realistic expectations, are necessary. It is also key to understand all aspects of the surgery and aftercare. A pleasing, balanced profile can be achieved by inserting an implant to augment a weak chin, resulting in improved facial harmony.

Hope this is helpful. Best wishes.

Dr. Shah

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