I just had breast augmentation July13 2016 And have had cramp like stings in my breast is that normal?

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Post op stinging and cramping

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Thank you for your question.  You are only 5 days post op , yes this is normal.  The cramping is your pec muscle most likely , in which I give my patients a prescription of valium for muscle spasm.  The stinging sensation are nerves starting to "wake up" which are temporary and intermittent typically.  

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Cramps after breast aug

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Thank you for your question. It is not unusual sometimes to have cramps or shooting pains after breast aug. You muscle and other tissues need to stretch to accommodate the implant. Some times muscle relaxants help. Please talk to your PS

Postoperative pain

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You are quite early on in your recovery and pains like you are having are quite common. Pain medication and muscle relaxants as well as NSAIDs work well for these pains.Continue to be patient and if the pain persists, let your doctor know.

Breast pain

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Thanks for your inquiry,  since you are only a few days out you should give your surgeon a call.  Overall, it is not uncommon to have "zingers"  which are different types of shooting pain the first few weeks after surgery.  Good Luck.  

Stings in breast normal?

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Yes. These annoying 'zingers' as some call them will disappear with time anywhere from a few weeks to a couple months. These are actually a good sign you are healing well.  The shooting pains indicate regeneration of the sensory nerves located throughout your chest. self-massaging can help, but should be approved by your doctor first, as it is not recommended with textured implants. Remember to attend post-op consultations with your plastic surgeon for a smooth recovery process and a chance to have all your concerns answered. Best wishes.

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S/p BA

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We will often see this following breast augmentation. Best advice is to let your surgeon know what you are experiencing. They may reassure you by phone or want to examine you. 

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