How old is too old to get full dental implants?

I have had upper dentures since I was in my early 20s, but could not wear the lowers, therefore the gums receded a bit.

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Dental implant and age

u can go for dental implant after 18 years. so age is not an issue after 18 years. if your medical health is good than u can go for implant at any age.

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No age limit as long as your health!

There is no age limit for dental implants. As long as you are in good medical health and don't have any compromising health conditions you can undergo implant treatment. Its important to note that not all areas of the mouth may be candidate for dental implants, therefore its important to be screened and examined properly.

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How old is too old for Dental Implants.

I have placed implants in patients well into their 90's with grat success.  My 98 year old uncle lost implants do to a fall and we place three in a single visit to maintain his denture in place.

Implants can be placed at any age if there is good bone.  Bone grafting techniques can create additional bone for implant placement as well.

Lower dentures can almost always be retained with anterior implants because there is almost always olenty of bone in the anterior mandible.  That is where implants were placed in my uncle.

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Age limit For dental Implants

There is no age limit for dental implants. Dental implants were actually first developed as a way to give elderly patients back its teeth. More than age, the important thing is to assess the patients overall condition to identify risk factors. This obviously includes age, but also takes into consideration bone structure, medical history and even current habits, such as smoking. All of these factors together will ultimately determine if you are indeed a good candidate for Dental Implants. Talk to an experienced professional. After a thorough assessment of your specific case, he will be able to advise the best treatment option for you.

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