Eyelashes will not stay curled after upper blepharoplasty (Photo)

Had upper blephoplasty at 30 due to skin pushing down on lashes and turning inward and scratching corneas. Lashes stayed curled once areas healed using pressure curler. Repeat upper blephoplasty Jan 2016 for same reason. Lashes will not stay curled ! Within 15 min looks like I have no lashes. Use Xalatan for glaucoma so have longer, thicker lashes than most 77 yr olds. Had to crop much bigger pics. Hope you can see the difference/problem.

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A very specialized type of blepharoplasty is needed to support the upper eyelid lashes.

The procedure is called an anchor blepharoplasty and it is a bit of a lost art.  Only a small percentage of eyelid surgeons have mastered this component of upper eyelid surgery.  Study the eyes in my attached video which talks about this.

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