Any doctors in the San Antonio and surrounding areas willing to do Silicone implants under 22?

I'm currently 19, 20 in January, currently a very small A cup looking to go to a full C and was just looking for a good doctor who isn't against doing Silicone implants on someone who isn't 22 yet. I was hoping to get them done by the end of this year. Willing to sign any contracts and take full responsibility for my decision to have silicone over saline. After a lot of research Im not into saline, or "gummy bear" but maybe after a consultation where I can see/feel them in person.

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Candidate for Breast Implants

A variety of factors may indicate that you are a good candidate for #breastaugmentation. Some of these feelings and/or conditions include: ·       Concerns and self esteem issues related to breast size ·       Loss of volume and firmness after pregnancy or weight loss ·       Clothing does not fit well ·       Asymmetry in breast shape and size ·       Problems with the shape of your rib cage: sunken or over-projecting A positive impression of one’s body image is important to many women, and breast augmentation may aid in offering a more proportional breast size and shape as well as in improving self-confidence. Honestly, it is completely your decision if you would like to have implants completed. All you need to do is seek out a local board certified plastic surgeon and schedule a consultation with all of your questions about the procedure you would like. You should be able to have as many consultations as possible in order to find a surgeon who will work with your desired results. Best of luck to you!

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Silicone Implants for patients under age 22

Patients that are under the age of 22 that would like a breast augmentation should only be offered saline implants.  The companies that provide implants to Plastic surgeons have guidelines that require a patients to be the age 22 to use silicone implants.  I would recommend you visit with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for a consultation to learn about the differences of the implants and then you can make a decision as to when it would be best time for you to have surgery.

Eric Schaffer, MD
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