Difference in Size? (photo)

4wks 5 days since BA. 325 cc moderate saline implants under the muscle. Before was 32 a super flat. One breast was bigger than the other before my BA. And now the same big breasts is still big after my BA. Can you tell from my pics the difference in size? I can and its driving me crazy. Will they even out later or is this this the way I'm staying? (Both my implants were filled to the same amount) which I don't know why? When I did have a size difference before.

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Difference in Size?

Please post a before photos series so we can computer. But your result is acceptable in my internet opinion. 

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Difference in Size

When there is a question about size difference and implant choice it is really helpful to see preop photos as well as current ones. 

If you hadn't suggested a size difference, I would not have commented based on these photos, other than to say that swelling is usually uneven because the pectoral muscles are uneven (larger on the handed side). 

If the pre-op size difference was trivial, and if your pre-op breast tissue was minimal, it often looks more even to use implants of the same size. Follow up with your surgeon. All the best. 

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