Debating on 300cc vs 330cc? Concerned about wide gap in sternum area (Photos)

Recently I went to a consultation with Dr. Feldman in Sugarland, Texas. He recommended I get a 330cc in order to disguise the space in between my chest....I really want to be conservative and get 300cc but am afraid I won't have a choice. Can/will I get the natural look I'm trying to achieve without having am "unnaturally" wide chest gap?If not what are my options? Also one nipples deviates slightly. I know it cannot be perfect, but any improvement is better than anything. What are my options?

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You have some very good questions.  Factors that can influence the space between the breasts include the anatomy of your sternum, the dissection of the pocket for the implant and the profile of implant being used.  You cannot dissect the pockets too close together or you may develop a communication between the implants called synmastia.  Using a low profile implant will also help with this gap.  A 30cc implant difference should not create a major change in your breast size.  The nipple positions will not change unless you have it surgically repositioned.  Sometimes a physician can dissect the pocket to help slight deviations.  Consulting with your plastic surgeon prior to surgery will help to give you all the options that are possible to create the look you want.  Take care

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