Day 2 post op adjustable breast implants! Is this normal? (photo)

Im pretty sure that im very anxiety struck! I smart lipo and adjustable BA 2 days ago! Last night, day 1 post op, i had fever 101.4. Contacted Dr. and he said im fine. Today i looked at my incision and it looks like "its sinking." It's so itchy and i can feel the port under my breast/skin. It kinda freaks me out! I was told NOT TO LIFT MY BOOBS this high, ooppsss, i took this photo and i wont look again! There is no drainage at all! Just curious if all of this is normal for 2 days post op?

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Day 2 post op adjustable breast implants! Is this normal?

Just by your history I would seek immediate in person visit with your surgeon - like today... Good luck. 

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2 Days Post Op

It is very difficult to tell via these pictures if there is anything abnormal going on.  Follow the post surgery care plan of your surgeon and call him if problems persist.

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