Follow-up question - activity level after brephaloplasty and ptosis surgery

Continue to other question, it has been 17 days since surgery, and back to work that requires some physical activity. I was very careful for first 17 days and now at working environment,I am required to some lifting, pushing, bending doctor told me to avoid exercise 2weeks. About lifting, he told me to avoid but some lifting is OK, I am not sure how much it means. While working, I noticed some sensation my upper cheek and eyelid, and I got nervous if I damage suture line etc.

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Eyelid Surgery

Usually after two weeks, the incision is well healed and the sutures are no longer necessary. This is why exercise is okay after two weeks. It should be fine to go back to work now that you are almost 3 weeks into recovery.

However, if you feel more comfortable waiting a few more weeks before going back to hard labor work, that is totally normal. It is really a personal preference after the first few weeks.

Activity level after brephaloplasty

I'm sorry but no one here will be able to answer a specific question regarding postop activity for another surgeon's patient. You need to clear this up with your doctor.

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