What is the best way to communicate back and forth with your patient on questions regarding BREAST Aug post op questions?

My post op instructions where very short and vague. I know this forum is meant for questions but like most surgeons they have specifics in regards to their way of healing, procedures etc. My question is I don't want to bother or feel like a bother to my Surgeon cause sometimes the front desk girls make it seem like i'm bugging him but i have a million questions and concerns with each day and new issues arising what are the best ways to ask questions and concerns without being THAT patient!

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Questions for Your Surgeon


Thank you for your question. It is possible that if you feel guilty for calling, you may not ask everything that you really want to and then necessitate multiple calls. I suggest you write your questions down and feel free to ask them all. It would be helpful to ask to speak with a nurse or patient care coordinator who can give you an outline of what to expect as you heal. Ask them to talk to you about the first days, first weeks, then months. The process of "drop & Fluff" for instance, can take many months. The breasts will look and feel a little different as you go through these phases. Most Plastic Surgeons will have activity restrictions for you at different stages as well including avoiding certain activity and exercise. Feel free to read further at the link provided below,.

Never hesitate to contact your Plastic Surgeon if you have sudden changes or concerns.

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Write down your list of questions then arrange a phone conversation with your surgeon ( or in person ) to go over these questions - you should always be able to get advice from your surgeon directly after sugary as needed

Post-operative care

Thanks for your inquiry, if you have questions or concerns you should not hesitate to call your surgeon's office.  Honestly, I think you are approaching it just fine and hope for a speedy recovery

What is the best way to communicate back and forth with your patient on questions regarding BREAST Aug post op questions?

Thank you for your question. Im our practice, once we discharge a patient we will give them their post op instructions as well as a what to expect sheet. We also give them my cell phone number, as well as the anaesthesiologist and nurses cell phone numbers for any emergency or just for simple question. You have every right to express your concerns with your surgeon.

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What is the best way to communicate back and forth with your patient on questions regarding BREAST Aug post op questions?

I personally return all of my own emails and give my cell phone number to all of my post op patients, so they email, text or call with questions. I also have a patient coordinator that gives out her email for the patients to use if they have any questions. I never want my patients to feel like they are bothering me. 

Questions after surgery

You have paid good money for your surgery, and it is your surgeon's job and part of the deal that he be available and keep you well informed.  If the front desk person is giving you attitude, your surgeon should definitely a made aware of that, as she is the face of the practice.  Let your surgeon know that his instructions could use some work.  And don't worry about being "that" patient.  It is your right to be well-informed and your surgeon, if not himself, should have someone whose job it is too capably answer your questions.
Best of luck!

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Breast augmentation post-op: You have every right to call your doctor as much as necessary

It's nice that you do not wish to bother your doctor's office, but I believe you have every right to call your doctor's office as often as you need to to get all of your questions answered. This is especially important early on in your care. That is when you need your surgeon the most. I want the opportunity to reassure my patients. A surgical experience is new for most people. Care, Expertise, and answers are what you paid for and what  you are entitled to. Good luck. For more information on this and similar topics, I recommend a plastic surgery Q&A book like "The Scoop On Breasts: A Plastic Surgeon Busts the Myths."

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