Which is cheaper: a revision or removal?

I had my breast augmentation done in May of 2015 and I've been unsatisfied with them since day 1. I always brought it up the gap in my cleavage with my PS and now he says I have uniboob going on. My nipple is also off to one side more than the other so my boobs look like a chameleon eyes. I was wondering which would be cheaper, a revision or removal? I really don't want to remove my implants but they don't make me feel as pretty as I thought they would.

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Which is cheaper?

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Based on your description of your problem, a removal surgery is going to be far cheaper than a revision, unless your original PS is willing to work with you on pricing for a reduced cost for revision. However, if you truly want to keep your implants, paying more money now to have the results you want in the future may be worth it.  Keep in mind that cleavage is created by push-up bras, not implants (your breast bone determines your natural cleavage distance).  Trying to cheat that space to develop cleavage with implants is likely what has given you problems with "uniboob".  Sometimes it is best to respect your anatomy despite what your goals are for the ultimate "look".  I hope this perspective helps to understand why this may or may not have happened.  Best of luck! 

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Removal or revision

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Removal is cheaper by far as to replace means to change the pocket and get rid of the look of the una boob. This takes a lot more time so OR time and work is more

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Revise or Remove

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Generally speaking, removal is less expensive, but you would probably be happier with a revision.  I would recommend discussing your concerns with you PS and seeing what he/she thinks about revision.  You might also consider seeing a couple experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in your area to get their opinions.

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Removal or revision

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sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction.  to answer your question quickly. removal is usually cheaper.  it can actually be done in the office under local anesthesia (check out my youtube channel for reference).  
BUT how you breasts appear after surgery are more than likely going to look very similar to what they looked like before augmentation.  it is important to understand that an augmentation "augments everything" not just volume.  if you have asymmetries, volume, shape, nipple position, etc, usually these are enhanced.  we can do extra techniques/change implant profiles/volumes to reduce these asymmetries to make them appear more symmetrical.  but perfect symmetry is absolutely impossible.  plus, what your breasts look like may not look like those you would like them to look like.  every woman has a different shaped breasts. that is the reality of it.  
if you need revision surgery to restore your natural-pre-breast form, OR you want revision of your current augmentation, then that will likely incur extra cost.  that is up to you and your PS to make that decision together.  

Hope that helps and best wishes!
Dr. Morales
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Implant removal is less expensive

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An implant removal procedure is generally less expensive than a revision procedure.  Options after implant removal include doing nothing else, performing a breast lift if necessary, or performing a fat transfer procedure to replace some of the lost volume.  These other procedures will add to the cost of the procedure.

Which is cheaper: a revision or removal?

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I am sorry to hear about your concerns after breast augmentation surgery.  Generally speaking, breast implant removal surgery  is associated with less expense compared to revisionary breast surgery.  Best wishes with your decision-making and for an outcome that you will be pleased with long-term.

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