Butt implant drains?

I'm 11 days post op with intramuscular butt implants I've been draning about 30-40cc per 24 hrs now. At first it was bright red then a little yellow started coming out and now It is kind dark red no odor. Does that sound about normal? I'm off pain pills and I haven't gotten a fever or any complications so far? Is this wine color normal I thought it was only suppose to get lighter ? I'm scheduled to get them removed in 4 more days. Thank you

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Drains with butt implants

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It is normally good to leave the drains for some time after butt implants. Prolonged drainage is not uncommon due to the excellent perfusion of the large buttock muscle. I usually recommend to remove the drains after about a week. It is best to consult your original surgeon regarding this.

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