2 Doctors but Same Medical Center...how Would There Quotes Differ?

So i had a consultation a few weeks ago and all went well, but thought i would look into other doctors in the area. i just so happen to be doing research on drs in san antonio , and found another doctor whom i believe also does amazing work (seen pics)...just so happens he is in the same office as the last surgeon... how would there quotes differ? would this be a good idea to go ahead and schedule a consult?

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2 different quotes for 2 doctors in the same office

I typically recommend seeing 3 surgeons before you make your decision.  If they are in the same office, it could be that they are just sharing an office but have different staff, etc.  It could be that one is board certified and the other isn't that their quotes are different? It could be that one is a new surgeon and the other more established? With that said, it wouldn't hurt to go see another couple surgeons to get multiple opinions.  ac

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Different prices

Plastic surgery patients are highly variable and so are plastic surgeons!  We set our own prices for cosmetic procedures and then there is a consideration for length of the operation and anesthesia, type of implant and any extras such as a Keller funnel for gel implants (I always use one) and CosmetAssure (ditto).  These are all variable.   I have 3 associates in my practice and we all do things a little differently.

It's always good to get a couple of opinions and go with someone who is fully trained in platic surgery, who communicates well and with whom you feel comfortable.  Don't make price your deciding factor. 

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Variable costs from the same office

suggests they are independent practices sharing office space.  If that is the case, and you know both do good work, nothing is wrong with saving some money.  Also, make sure your doctor has a reasonable revision policy.

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2 Doctors but Same Medical Center...how Would There Quotes Differ

It is like the same  shop that sells an expensive brand and also a non expensive brand. Ultimately both  serve the same purpose. Plastic Surgeons price their services based on many factors experience and  expertise is one of them.

Hope this helps

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Different cost estimates same practice

Quotes and estimates for cosmetic surgical procedures vary from plastic surgeon to plastic surgeon.  In our practice it is base upon a time estimate so even though there are three surgeons in the practice one may be able to perform the operation in less time.  This is just one of many variables. 

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2 Doctors but Same Medical Center...how Would There Quotes Differ?

     Sharing the same office or the same medical center is done frequently.  The difference between two plastic surgeons sharing the same office can be night and day, and the fees can vary as well.  If you feel that one doctor is great, go for it.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Get More than One Consultation

It is always a good idea to get more than one consultation. There are several different things you should compare, first make sure the surgeon is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, check to be sure the surgery center or hospital is accredited. How do you like the surgeon? How comfortable do you feel with the staff? Look at many before and after pictures and ask if you can talk to a patient that has had the surgery you want. Surgeons do not take offense if you get more than one quote, most expect it. The fees will most likely vary from surgeon to surgeon, even if they are in the same office as they all set their own fees. Don't let the fee be the deciding factor, the other considerations are more important. Good luck!

Miguel Delgado, MD
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Fine to Check with the Other Surgeon

Seeing the other surgeon should be fine.  Patients need to choose the surgeon with which they are the most comfortable.  You may prefer one surgeon over the other.  Within an office, the fee quotes are likely to be the same or very similar.  Seeking another board certified plastic surgeon in another office would more likely have a different quote for the total services

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Professional fees are at the discretion of the surgeon.

Professional fees will vary from surgeon to surgeon based on what they feel is fair to charge for an operation. Facility fees will vary because of the time used by the surgeon as well as difference in supplies.

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Finding Plastic Surgeon for Breast Augmentation?

You should seek enough consultations to be sure that you are choosing the plastic surgeon who you feel can  most likely achieve your goals with breast off augmentation surgery.  There will is no way of knowing whether the quote you receive will be any different from what you have already received,  whether or not the doctors work in the same office or not.

 Once you have decided upon your plastic surgeon, make sure you communicate your goals clearly.  You may find the use of goal pictures as opposed to discussing cup size etc. helpful during this communication process.

Best wishes.


Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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