Butt implants & breast lift w augment in Colombia. May I be stitchless and without drains 15 days after surgery?

I am 38 years old, 5'4" and 120 pds. Live in San Antonio. I'm going to Colombia soon for breat augmentation w small lift, butt implants and lipo in waist, lower back and abs. I'm planning to stay for 17 days (2 days before surgery) and 15 more. I'm nervous because I don't want stitches after 15 days, here in US I don't believe a doctor will take them off. Is that possible? May I be completly heal by then? May I sleep on my back w/ pillows assistance in back and under buttock?

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Traveling For Surgery.

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Thank you for your question! I will say right now that this does not sound like a good idea! Remember when it comes to price, cheaper is not always better.  Best of luck!
Dr Dhaval Patel Double Board Certified  Plastic Surgeon  Chicago  Hoffman Estates Oak Brook

Buttock implants NYC

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Going over sees for surgery is never a good idea.  You will get the best care and surgeons in the USA.  

Overseas surgery?

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I must echo Dr. Lacerna-Kimbrells comment. Going overseas for surgery is, at best, a gamble. If you have any kind of complication, your cost saving gambit will backfire on you, costing money, and quite possibly, your health. If you require any revision (breast augmentation with lift has the highest revision rate of any cosmetic surgical procedure), you will pay full fee to a local,surgeon IF you can find one who will see you. I would think again on your plan.

Healing time

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Unfortunately there is no for sure time limit for you to be completely healed after surgery. Going over seas makes this process more difficult because as you already know, local surgeons will likely not treat you or it can be very costly for them to do so.

Thank you for your question and good luck!

Melinda Lacerna, MD FACS

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