Will the shape change?

I got an otoplasty just a few days ago and o got the bandage off. I was horrified. It was all purple and swelling and still looked like elf ears. Please let me know if this will change and if so how long it will take because I am going to Hawaii in the Begining of August

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After otoplasty do ears look strange?

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After all surgeries there is swelling, bruising, and tenderness to some extent. Ears also show color and swelling changes for some time post operatively. The extent can vary from person to person but with time this subsides. Following your post op instructions to care for your new ears  is important: what to do and what not to do are both important. 

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Why did you have your surgery before a planned trip to HI?

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Your ears will improve with time and the bruising should be gone by then... but the look may take more time to heal.  Was there a reason you booked a trip shortly after your surgery?  At this point, all you can do is focus on healing and enjoying your trip, elf ears or not.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Healing from Otoplasty

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Photos would be helpful to give you personal advice. In general, your ears will be swollen for several days to several weeks. The color will eventually return to normal. Overtime the ears stretch out just a bit so typically they are intentionally overtightened at first. You are still in the beginning stages of your recovery. Rest easy and discuss any concerns with your surgeon. Good luck!

Justin Cohen, MD
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