Can I Get a Salycylic Acid Peel While on Differin?

Hi, I have had acne for years. I finally became fed up and was prescribed differin just this week (.3% gel). I have mostly comedonal acne. I was wondering if a salycylic acid peel would help improve my acne? If so, should I avoid the differin the few days leading up to the peel and after? I should also say that I have extremely ''tough'' skin, very oily, not allergic or sensitive to anything. Thanks!

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Salicylic acid peel while on Differin

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When one is on a topical retinoid, such as Differin, one can get a salicylic acid peel but the medications should be stopped at least 3 days prior.  I generally recommend that the retinoids also be held for 1 week after a peel.

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