Is volbella more of a subtle volume enhancement for the lips compared to juvederm?

I know volbella lasts longer than juvederm in the lips but will it take more syringes to achieve volume compared to juvederm? Is it just for more of a subtle volume enhancement and to diminish lip lines?

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Lip Augmentation: Juvederm Volbella and Juvederm Ultra

Lip Augmentation is a procedure to improve the symmetry, volume, or shape of the lips. Frequently this is performed with hyaluronic acid fillers such as products from the Juvederm or Restylane family.

Recently, Allergan came out with Juvederm Volbella specifically for injecting the lips. The properties of this filler compared to Juvederm Ultra (also used in the lips) include:  lasting (1 year), less attractive to water (less volume), thinner (less bumps). It also comes in a 0.55 mL syringe.  It's great for subtle enhancements and lines around the lips. It's less for plumping the lips. A conservative approach is best. I recommend having a consultation to determine which product may work best for you. 

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Volbella for naturally fuller lips

Volbella can be used to correct fine lines (like lipstick lines) and can be used to for fuller lips.  As compared to Juvederm the results from Volbella tend to be more subtle.  However, the biggest impact on the appearance of your lips after a filler treatment is the skill and experience of the doctor providing the treatment.

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Volbella is a light weight hyaluronic acid which also spreads very easily. One would think that because of those two factors, volbella's longevity might be less. In fact, in clinical trials,  the duration was a year. The correction from Volbella injection is natural and long lasting. 

Difference between Volbella and Juvederm

This is a great question! Juvederm is more hydrophilic (attracts water) and lightly restores fullness and smooth’s out wrinkles and lines. It is also used to enhance the lips. Volbella is for patients who want to add a subtle volume to the lips. It is also less hydrophilic. Both products can last up to 1 year. Remember to always have your fillers done by an experienced injector. Best of Luck!

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Is volbella more of a subtle volume enhancement for the lips compared to juvederm?

Thanks for your query. Juvederm volbella is more subtle for lips then Juvederm ultra or ultra plus. It lasts long although a little more quantity is needed as compared to ultra but the effect is better. It gives you a soft natural look without bumps and takes care of lip lines and last for months to years. Hope it helps.

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Volbella vs juvaderm for lips

Thank you for your question. Volbella is made of a Vycross technology which works very well in the vertical lip lines and gives a beautiful soft augmentation to the lips. Juvaderm attracts water enabling it to restore lost volume so it adds volume. Both last about 1 year. An experienced injector can assit you in determining which product is best for you. Some patients choose both for a lip augmentation. The juvaderm adds the volume and the Volbella adds the final “frosting” giving a very beautiful result.

Yes, indeed

Excellent question! Volbella is a subtler filler than Juvederm Ultra, and was designed for the correction of lip lines and lips. It's Vycross technology gives it greater lasting power than Juvederm Ultra as well. 

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Volbella Compared to Juvederm For Lip Enhancement

You are correct, Volbella will give you a more subtle lip enhancement compared to regular Juvederm. Which filler is most appropriate for you would depend on your goals. I have had regular Juvederm last a year and sometimes more in the lips for certain patients. Make sure you see an experienced provider for an in-person consultation and evaluation. Best wishes.

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Juvederm vs Volbella

Great question! Juvederm combines with the water in your skin to gently restore lost fullness, smooth out lines and wrinkles, and enhance lips. Volbella is made of a Vycross technology which, through more efficient crosslinking, produces greater lift capacity for patients who wish to add subtle volume to their lips and also soften the vertical lines around the mouth. Both Juvederm and Volbella last up to 1 year.  An experienced board certified plastic surgeon can achieve a natural looking lip augmentation by using either one of these great products.

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Volbella is a beautiful lip filler for the right patient.  If my patient is looking for Kylie Jenner lips than we use a thicker product like Juvederm Ultra plus.

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