Sore sternum - I am one month post op of a pocket revision. (photo)

I had the pocket revision to reduce the pain I had in one breast, and slowly but surely the nerve pain is calming down. I don't know if I slept funny or if it's from my heavy duty bra (which has a strong structure resting on the sternum) that could be causing sternum soreness/tension mostly to the right breast. I am terrified of developing symmastia. I have already had a rough ride with my implants and really want them to just work out. Thoughts?

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Pains after sucessful breast surgery

Odd asymmetrical pains are common both after breast augmentation and breast surgery in general even in the absence of 'complications.' They are caused by many factors such as: stretching or division of small cutaneous nerves; irritation or bruising to the pectoral muscles; deep suture placement; minor cautery burns to the periosteum; the stretching of the tissues by the implant, and the general inflammation associated with healing wounds. As a rule these all disappear by about six months. 

Massaging the areas in question often helps, as do other modalities of physical therapy such as tens, tapping and alternating hot and cold compresses.

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