Septum question.

When the septum is harvested during a rhinoplasty and the L strut is left... what keeps is from moving around freely because during the harvest it becomes loose and removable? Does it root back again?

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The septum is not usually completely mobilized during the surgery.  If you can imagine the L, think of the two ends of the L still firmly attached to the nasal bones and the nasal spine. 

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Dr Rodman

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Movement of Septum after Harvesting Cartilage Grafts

The septum is not necessarily mobilized when grafts are harvested. If it is moved it can be fixed by placing a suture attaching it to the nasal spine. It is also connected to the nasal bones, and the upper lateral and tip cartilages.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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septoplasty procedure

When performing a septoplasty in our practice, we rarely remove any cartilage since majority of obstructions are usually bone, and that portion is removed in the back of the nose.  When performing a cartilage harvesting for rhinoplasty procedure, we also try to remove the most inferior portion of the cartilage which is used for grafting purposes.  Only in a rare case to we leave  a total L strut, even then it does not flop around with  breathing.

William Portuese, MD
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Septum question.

Hello adam1992 - Thanks for your question. A septoplasty can be performed with out creating mobility. If the L- strut gets disconnected from the nasal spine then it becomes mobile. Otherwise scar after closure holds things in place. 

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