Rhinoplasty Revision, how did my surgeon manage to harvest septal cartilage?

Hey docs i have a question. During my first rhinoplasty (open) i had a shield tip graft placed. During the revision rhinoplasty (also open) my shield tip graft was kept on... I am confused.. how did my surgeon manage to harvest septal cartlidge during the revision if you have to separate the nasal tip cartlidges to get into the septum? I am just curious

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Shield-type tip grafts may be temporarily removed and then replaced during revision rhinoplasty surgery.

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Depending on your primary surgery, your surgeon may have left enough cartilage in your septum for future harvest. The shield graft may have been removed and replaced, or another cartilage graft may have been harvested through an endonasal incision. Your surgeon would be best to provide details. Wishing you well. Dr Joseph

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Septal cartilage harvest

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The nasal septum can be approached from inside the nostrils through a separate incision without using the open rhinoplasty approach.  The incision uses called the Killian incision or a hemitransfixion incision


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Revision rhinoplasty: harvesting septal cartilage while keeping the tip intact.

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Revision rhinoplasty is a surgery to change the shape of the nose for breathing or appearance after a previous nose surgery. The challenge may be making a drastic change to the nose or the challenge is keeping all of the good parts of the nose while changing a few particular areas. 

Cartilage from the septum may be harvested by a number of different techniques. To keep the nasal tip, an incision can be made inside the nose or the septum may be accessed from above without dismantling the tip. It's up to your surgeon to determine the technique that will work best with your nose. Safety comes first. 

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Septal Cartilage Harvesting Techniques

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There a numerous approaches for your surgeon to harvest septal cartilage while still preserving your previous nasal shield tip graft. An endonasal approach through an incision inside your nose, used for septoplasty, is common technique and may have been utilized in your case. Open access approaches may also be possible without necessarily removing you tip graft. If you're still curious, discuss this with your surgeon. 

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