Do I need a third revision? What needs to be fixed? Should I look for a new surgeon? (photos)

I had my blepharoplasty and ptosis correction in February 2016 and a revision done August 2016. My eye lid height was okay and then it dropped again to the original height. Should I look for a new surgeon? I'm tired of getting it fixed because I'm afraid it might fail again. I understand there's still swelling but I'm pretty sure it's not going up again because two days ago it was the perfect height. What should I do and what needs to be fixed?

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Eyelid surgery

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I would wait a minimum of 3-6 months prior to considering revision. I think the best advice is to openly and honestly communicate your concerns to your surgeon. I am sure she or he wants a good result for you and will work to get you that good result. A full, in-person evaluation would be the best option if you are interested in another opinion. Good luck!

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Revision eyelid surgery possible

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Best to wait about 3 months after previous surgery and then re-evaluate. You may or may not benefit from further surgery but likely it needs to be done differently. See following link.

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS
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