Can a pulled chest muscle make a breast swell?

I had a reduction on my left side to even things out about 7 years ago. I had never really had a concern with my self image after that until recently when I pulled a chest muscle at work. My left breast swelled and now weeks later it seems that I am almost a full cup size bigger again. I figured the swelling would have gone down by now but I keep straining the muscle due to work. Would a pulled muscle do this or should I be concerned about another issue?

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7 yrs post-op breast reduction

This is a hard question to answer without seeing you and perhaps seeing you more than one time. Just a pulled muscle wouldn't cause you breast to enlarge a cup size so something else must be going on. It would take a consult with a plastic surgeon and perhaps some type of study such as an ultrasound to tell what is going on. Hope this helps.

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