Procedure to change eyelid shape? (Photo)

I find find that my upper eyelid shape is odd, I have no visible eyelid skin, I would like to have upper shaped eyelids like the one in the provided photo. My upper lids are not shaped odd because of age, I'm only 19. Any suggestions what I can do to accomplishm ore of the eye shape provided below? You'll see in my photo that my crease starts at a weird angle, I want definition in my upper lids, all lot of the eyes I see, they're creases start up by the rim of they're eyebrow bone.

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I recommend multiple oculoplastic consultations.

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You have mild upper eyelid ptosis.  But it is mild.  Most people would not be bothered by this.  You probably fit into the body dysmorphic spectrum.  That means it is highly likely that you and your surgeon will miscommunicate.  It is far better to have a small issue that most likely only you notice, than to have the wrong surgery.  Be careful what you look for out there, you may find it.

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From the photo you have attached, you do not seem to have a very severe case of ptosis. The eyes are quite symmetrical and well-balanced. Unless one of them starts to droop lower than the other, I would not recommend any surgery for you. However, this is an initial recommendation based on your pictures. I recommend visiting a board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation. An in-person consult will be the best.

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