Plastic surgeon in Salt Lake willing to bill health insurance?

Is there any plastic surgeon in the Salt Lake City vicinity that has experience with breast implant explant via enbloc that is willing to bill my health insurance? I have capsular contraction each side at a Bakers level 4.

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You can review your health insurance coverage and are likely to find that issues related to cosmetic surgery are not covered. Many practices work with financial institutions that provide loans for cosmetic surgery. Please see a board certified plastic surgeon to learn about your options. Hope it all works out for you.

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Plastic surgeon in Salt Lake willing to bill health insurance?

If your implants were placed for cosmetic reasons, 99% of insurance contracts have a clause specifically excluding care of complications of cosmetic surgery. Capsular contracture is a recognized complication that you were willing to chance when you chose the procedure, so I would be pretty surprised if insurance would be involved. But it never hurts to try. In cases like this most surgeons will charge full fee up front as with any other cosmetic procedure and credit you back the amount insurance pays if and when they pay. 

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Plastic surgeon in Salt Lake willing to bill health insurance?

Thank you for your question. Often this depends on your insurance policy. Most often, implants placed for cosmetic reasons are not covered by insurance for complications. That being said, sometimes these things can get approved by insurance, but often they will only cover straight removal of the implants and no additional procedures to optimize the overall outcome, which can often leave you with poor cosmetic results. IT is not the surgeons who are not "willing" to submit it to insurance, it is the insurance companies who are not willing to authorize it. 
Your best bet is to call some local plastic surgeons (please see the ASPS surgeon finder link I have provided) and ask them if they would be willing to see you for the problem and submit it to insurance. If the submit it and the insurance denies it, then they should be willing to give you a price quote for what the procedure would cost out of pocket. 
Hope this helps!

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