What is the best option for my chubby cheeks, "waddle", and parentheses around my mouth? (Photos)

I've always had a chubby face. I'm in the slim side, but my face would say otherwise. Though some say it's not a problem because it makes me look "youthful", I'm not a fan. Neither of my parents have this face and I'm wondering what my best options are. I've toyed with buccaneers fat removal? Would a filler in the lines around my face add to the problem of a large, round face? Also, wondering if a filler under my eyes would distract from my lower face fullness.

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What is the best option for my chubby cheeks, "waddle"and parentheses around my mouth? = plastic surgery consultation #buccalfat

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Patients interested in improving multiple aspects of their face like chubby cheeks, "waddle", parenthesis around the mouth, depressions under the eyes, etc. should make a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon specialized in procedures of the face to determine the physical finding that may require improvement to achieve a more youthful and balanced face. 

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Facial fullness

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Hi sarahs0dap0p,

Thanks for your question. The issue you describe relates to an imbalance in the volume of your face. By removing volume from some areas of your face (your lower cheeks and under your chin) and adding volume to other areas of your face (your melolabial folds, pre-jowl region, and under eye area), we can give a balance to the face that better fits your face and the rest of your body. The volume removal of the cheeks can be accomplished with buccal fat removal with or without some minor liposuction and the volume addition can be added with fillers, fat transfer from another part of your body, or implants.

If you have any concerns or questions, please let us know!

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