Will my nose thin out on the sides that connect to the cheeks after rhino or did the doctor widen my nose accidentally? (Photo)

I just wanted my old nose back and I had a rhinoplasty and even after 4 months and a lot of swelling subsiding I'm definitely livid over my results. The Surgeon somehow ended up widening my entire nose not just the nostrils and did a sloppy job restitching the bottom of my nose where they opened it up to operate. I'm including a picture of my nose before the trauma and breaks (which is what I wanted my nose to look like post-op) and what I got at four months of healing.

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Wide nose

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Your nose is definitely wider than what I think it should be. I would encourage you to see your surgeon and discuss this issue.

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Rhinoplasty results

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I am so sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your results. I would suggest that you wait another 2 months and then, if you still don't like your results, schedule an appointment to discuss revision options with your surgeon or with another board certified plastic surgeon in your area. 


Kouros Azar

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