I just had nasal splints removed. My septum feels 'wiggly' and not anchored (if that makes sense). Is that normal?

My septum was scraped so thin from a surgery in the 80's that it bowed. Ear cartlidge was uses to help staighten it. Splints are out, but it feels unstable, wiggly, floating

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Post Operative Septoplasty/ Ear Cartilage Graft Concerns

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Best not to touch or manipulate your nose while it heals from your recent surgery. This includes not wiggling your nose or nose blowing. Please keep your fingers out too. Numbness, unusual nerve sensations and "stability" questions are common concerns for recent septoplasty surgery patients. These sensations should improve as you heal. Please contact your surgeon for further advise or reassurance and follow all of your instructions for post operative care. Best Wishes. 

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