I had the CoolMax CoolSculpting done on my lower and upper abdomen. What things can I do to help the pain? (Photos)

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Pain after coolsculptind

the pain is usually neurogenic due the cold injury to sensory nerves, and is helped more by medications such as neurontin rather than analgesics.  Fortunately it is usually transitory lasting for several weeks.  I had some discomfort after coolsculpting of the abdomen but not enough to require medication.

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I suggest speaking to your physician. There are over the counter medication and prescribed medication that can help incase you experience any pain.

Sheila S. Nazarian, MD
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Pain After Coolscultping

U suggest speaking to your physician, coolscultping pain can be managed with over the counter pain killers as well as oral neurontin.  Adding z wave / cellutone and vaquish can give more improvement. Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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Pain after Coolsculpting treatment

This is usually treated with topical lidocaine. If no improvement, Neurotin is prescribed. If you use the Z Wave and CoolAdvantage handpieces, this happens less.

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Discomfort after CS is temporary

Hi snowrisha.  Sorry you are having significant pain.  Patients frequently find relief with conservative measures such as applying cold compresses alternating with warm compresses.  If light touch is a problem, try a snug garment (athletic shirt) as a barrier.  If you experience pins & needles type nerve pain, ask your provider about a prescription for Neurontin or Lyrica type meds.  More info in the link . Good news, the discomfort is self-limiting and should be gone soon-hang in there!

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