I'm a female, but want a penis, and don't want to change everything, just my lower half.

I'm a female, and I was wanting to get a surgery to change my genitalia from what it originally is, to a penis. I just want an elective surgery for my lower half, I still want to keep my breasts and be a woman in that sense. My major question is, is do I have to see a therapist even though I am not reassigning my entire gender? And would I be needing to take testosterone?

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Phalloplasty for Neophallus Reconstruction

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Thank you for your question.  A phalloplasty can be performed to create a new penis (neophallus) while still maintaining a vagina.  There are several techniques to create a penis, including a forearm flap that can be deforming of the arm.  The technique that I prefer is the De Castro abdominal phalloplasty for neophallus reconstruction.  Unlike most surgeons in the United States, I have been personally trained in Italy by the creator of the De Castro technique. This phalloplasty technique uses an abdominal flap to reconstruct the penis without the potentially deforming consequences of other donor site locations such as the forearm.  I would recommend contacting an experienced genital surgeon to discuss the surgical options, including a cosmetic urologist, even if that requires traveling. In regards to your other question, evaluation by a therapist would be recommended.   Best of luck.

 Jeffrey S. Palmer, MD, FACS, FAAP (Cosmetic and Reconstructive Urologist -- Cleveland, Ohio)

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