After a year of Breast Augmentation, I noticed one of my implants is moving around more than the other and it's painful.

I woke up yesterday morning feeling pain on my right breast. I noticed it was moving around more than normal and it's painful. It also hurts just from moving from one position to another while sleeping. This morning same thing. Is this normal?

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Possible rupture of breast implant

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It is not uncommon to have the occasional pain in the breast after activity. This would usually settle down with time. Pain, swelling and distortion of the breast/implant could however indicate a rupture. It would be best to make an appointment with your doctor for a review. Best of luck.

Moving Implants

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Thank you for your question. After one year, it is not typically normal for your implant to be moving around, or causing you pain. I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with your surgeon to discuss why you are experiencing pain. Good luck!

After a year of Breast Augmentation, I noticed one of my implants is moving around more than the other an it's painful.

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Thank you for your question. It is typically not normal for your breast to start being painful 1 year after surgery. Please contact your surgeon and discuss your symptoms. Best, 

Moving Implants: Talk With Your Plastic Surgeon

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While pain and discomfort may be normal immediately after surgery, sudden pain a year after the fact is not. If you experience any pain or movement within your breast after implants, it's important to contact your board-certified plastic surgeon immediately.As to what's actually causing the problem, only your surgeon will know upon further examination. Discussing your situation with your surgeon will help them to understand your situation, and to provide better care. They will be able to find a solution for you to help reduce and get rid of the pain.Best of luck!

Moving implants

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Hello,  thank you for your question.  No,  it's not normal. The implant pocket may be larger than before and there's more space for the implant to move around.  This could be an issue if the implant turns upside-down.  Try to visit a local certified PS for a correct treatment and in person evaluation.  Have a great day.


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Seek a Board Certified plastic surgeon as soon as possible in your area to determine the etiology of the symptoms you are experiencing. It sounds like a capsular tear with possible Seroma

One Year Post Op

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I'm sorry to hear about your concerns. Sudden pain and visible changes in the breast are not expected and I would advise you to see your Plastic Surgeon as soon as you can for assessment.
All the best

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