6 Weeks Post Op and Have a Little Belly? Am I Swollen Still? Do I Just Need to Be More Patient? (photo)

I am six weeks postt op and have a little belly still. I think it may be because I am still swollen, I am not sure. I know you can be swollen for a while, but I am hoping in time my belly will be flat. Will my end result be flat-Should I be flat already? All the post op pictures I have seen seems like people are pretty flat at 1 to 2 months... but I can just be different. My PS told me after my surgery I may need just a little more lipo around the belly to help me become flatter

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Am I Swollen Still?

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At six weeks you may still have some swelling. As to you questions, without seeing some before photos they are hard to answer. A TT will remove excess skin and tighten lax abdominal muscles, but can't do much about the size of the abdominal contents. Patients who are slender to begin with are more likely to be flat after surgery than will be a patient starting off overweight. It certainly doesn't appear that you are overweight, but without preop photos to compare, it is hard to predict how much flatter you will wind up. 

Thanks for ;your question.   All the best. 

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