How Do I Tell if my Saline Implants Are Filled to the Correct CCs?

I was a b cup before my implants. I went with a high profile saline implant. 550 around and filled to 550 cc's. However, I do not feel like I am filled to 550. I was very determined to be a FULL D cup or larger with my doctor and I am only a C cup now. I can barely tell the differance. My breats were very deflated from having children so I feel like my doctor filled them to his liking and not to 550 CC's. How can I tell if my implants are really filled to 550 CC's? If anyone can figure this out please let me know! I spent alot of money and I just want what I paid for. I am not saying I am not happy with my doctor who was a very nice guy, but I just don't feel I got what I asked for. What to do???

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Saline Breast Implants - Sizing and Volume

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All saline breast implants have a range of volume to which they are filled. In your pre-operative consultataion, including examination with proper meauring of your breasts will determine the options of breast impant sizes and types that are optimal for you. Saline  implants that are filled with less volume will typically show and feel more implant rippling.  Implant positioning is also critical because, if  the implants are submuscular and if there is a tight skin envelope, it will typically take more than six months for the muscle and skin to stretch before it is known what the final breast size will be.  Depending on pre-operative breat size, patient height and weight, typically a 550 cc implant will result in a very significant increase in breast size.  Lastly, bra size is the least important determination of breast size as different manufacterers bras fit thesame breast with different cup sizes.  For additional information see

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Correct fill volume

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A board certified plastic surgeon will know what fill volume the manufacture requires.   Perhaps you have a broad trunk and a lower profile would have given you more diameter, but less projection.  Or perhaps a combined breast lift and augmentation would have given you a more pleasent end result.  I do not belive that the surgeon was shy on the volume.  Discuss options with your doctor now that you know the limitations of 550cc's.  Good luck!

Filling saline implant size

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In discussion with your plastic surgeon, they should be able to tell you how much saline was put into the implants.  There should also be an operative record and a surgical dictation which would both document the amount injected.  Also, the implants have a minimum and maximum fill and you should have been given a card with your implant information.


Good Luck.

How Do I Tell if my Saline Implants Are Filled to the Correct CCs?

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The only way to be 100% sure of the fill volume for your implants would be by having a surgical procedure where the filler tube would be placed and the saline removed and measured.  That being said, your surgeon would have put in his/her operative report what the fill volume that he/she filled the implant to.  However, I have seen incidences where the fill volume is not what it is stated to be.  It is unlikely that your surgeon would have underfilled the implants, as this would put them at risk of leaking.  Ask your surgeon for the implant sticker and your op report.  If the sticker states that it is a 550cc implant, and the op report does too, then it is highly unlikely that you have less fill.

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Implant fill

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You can not be hundred percent sure without removing the implants, but trust is key.  If your doctor told you that he filled them up to the required level, then you shoudl assume he did.  If you had very floppy or saggy breasts before, perhaps you needed a lift as well.  Hard to say without an exam.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Size of Breast Implants.

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Your problem may not be the amount of fill. Anything near 550 cc of breast implant fill should give you a significant change in your breast size. You said that your breasts were very deflated after your children. This says to me that you probably had significant breast ptosis (droop). If this were so, no amount of fill, even to 1000 cc or more, would have solved your problem. You will still look deflated even with a large implant unless you also had a breast lift at the same time. I would suggest that you return to your surgeon or another Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and discuss your deflation issue. Doing a Mastopexy (lift) now may be what you need.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
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Unhappy with your size

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You can sign a release and get your operation note which is dictated by the surgeon and the fill volume will be documented there.  If your implant is filled to 550cc's, you may just need a bigger implant to have the volume you desire.  It is hard to correlate bra size with cc's - all bra makers are different and bra sizes are not uniform.  You would need another operation to get more cc's in your implants.  Good luck!

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Dear Hopeless1 in Orange Park, Fl

Thank you for your question. Breast Implant sizing can be the hardest part of Breast Augmentation Surgery!!  The implant type, size and volume filled should be in your surgical notes. Clearly you are not happy with the size- and want to go bigger.  Some Saline implants have a range that they can .e filled - it is possible that the surgeon may be able to add more volume to your implants.  Return to your surgeon and raise your concerns.  I am sure that you will be happy.

With Warm Regards,

Trevor M Born MD

Trevor M. Born, MD
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Fill volume of Saline Implants

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The exact amount of saline used to fill your breast implants is well documented.  You should be able to find that information on the registration card received from your surgeon after your procedure.  If this is not in your possession you should make sure to get a copy from your physician.  This registration card also includes the Catalog number, style number and the serial number of your implants.  This information is important if you ever need to replace your implants.  The fill volume should also be recorded in the physicians records as well as the surgical facilities records.  These records are available for you, just ask for them.

Todd B. Koch, MD
Buffalo Plastic Surgeon
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Fill for Saline implant

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Dear Hopeless:

 It is not uncommon to have concerns about  the look and shape of a breast augmentation in the immediate period following the surgery.  The amount of the "fill" of the implant does not correlate exactly with your post-op appearance; other factors include the style and type of implant, and all of the factors relating to your "anatomy" including the skin tone, elasticity, and soft tissue characteristics of your breasts. The amount of fill can usually be obtained from your warranty card or the operative report.  I would recommend following up with your surgeon, and reviewing all of your concerns, and resist  the urge to change anything too quickly (like immediately increasing the size of your implants; 550cc implants are really fairly large implants.)  I would let the breasts heal and the area accomadate the new shape; then consider other options- this may take 3-6 months.  In the mean time try and be patient; and let your surgeon have a chance to allay your concerns or make suggestions on a plan moving forward.

Jerry Lugger, MD
Southlake Plastic Surgeon

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