How Long Does a Popped Implant Take to Deflate?

One of my saline implants has deflated and It will be a few months before I can afford a revision and am very uncomfortable with the difference in size. Especially since I live in the Florida Keys and spend a lot of time in a swimsuit which is impossible to wear now. If I have the intact implant popped, how long will it take to deflate?

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Saline implant deflation

IF you purposely punture an intact saline imlant it will spontaneously deflate quite rapidly, usually overnight. I would not recommend waiting on replacing a saline implant because after an implant has deflated, the normal capsule that surrounds all implants will begin to contract within weeks and will make revision more difficult  and achieving symmetry with your next surgery more difficult

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Implant deflation

Having the intact implant deflated will remove the fluid immediately (because it is aspirated into a syringe). However, before you do that, it is worth finding out whether the ruptured implant is under warranty. Depending on the manufacturer and when the implant was placed, you may be under a warranty for a replacement implant. In some cases, if the rupture occurs within 10 years, the implant manufacturer will even pay for a large part of the anesthesia/operating room/surgeon's fee. I recommend contacting your plastic surgeon to find out what you are eligible for as this may help you in making your decision.

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Saline implant, implant leak, deflated implant

A deflated saline implant if confirmed clinically indicates replacement at the earliest. Early intervention will allow replacement of implant in the same pocket with minimal surgical intervention. If left long the cavity may contract and will need capsulotomy to expand the cavity. However, it does not matter if the implants are required to place in a new pocket.

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Deflation rate

A spontaneous deflation can happen rapidly (overnight) or slowly but one that is caused by intentionally popping the implant with a 18g needle should only take a day or 2.

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Deflating Saline Implant

If you successfully have the implant popped it will usually empty within the week with a noticeable difference right after.

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Saline breast implant deflation

Deflation occurs in about 5% of patients with breast saline implants and can occur anytime after implantation. I recommend that it be changed for if you wait, then the cavity becomes contracted and will require more surgery to open it. The manufacturer does pay for part of the costs if happens within a 10year period and does give the patient a new implant for free for the patient's life. Watch my videos.

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Intentionally deflating your intact implant will have quite immediate results.

Intentionally deflating your intact implant by whatever technique will be effective relatively rapidly regardless of the technique. You should be able to achieve the desired result within a few days if not sooner. However, you specifically refer to popping the implant that suggests breaking the implant by applying manual pressure similar to a procedure used to break up scar tissue surrounding implants. If this is what you have in mind you would be better served by having the implant punctured and aspirated with a needle by your surgeon. This latter approach is more reliable and will be virtually instantaneous.

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Deflated breast implant

If the other implant is popped, as you said, it will probably deflate the same day. You might void the implant warranty so check with your surgeon first. Most US implants have a 10 year warranty and earlier deflation is covered which includes implant cost, OR, and anesthesia fees. Good luck.

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Deflating Saline Breast Implant

If the leak is sizable then the deflation is rather immediate.  If you have a smaller or slower leak then that depends on many factors to determine when the implant will eventually go flat.   This does cause any problems other a cosmetic problem from the obvious difference in breast size.

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Saline implant deflation may be an expense covered by your implant manufacturer.

The other answers here are all good, but fail to mention that, depending on how long you have had your saline implants, replacement costs might be covered by your implant manufacturer, whether or not you purchased an extended warranty. Check with your surgeon, this might be something that you can have dealt with much sooner than you anticipated. If you deflate your implant with a needle, the manufacturer may refuse to provide a no-charge replacement implant (they check the deflation site with a scanning electron microscope)!

Of course, I would recommend that you consider replacement with the newest generation of cohesive silicone gel implants that cannot leak or deflate. The cost is somewhat higher, but the replacement cost of saline would be deducted from the silicone implants costs--you would be responsible for the difference. Again, talk with your surgeon! Best wishes!

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