Pain From Saline Implant 30 Years Ago?

Saline Implants 30y/0 Ago. Pain,upper Chest Wall,radiating to Armpit and Upper Back. Im worried about infection,so i saw Dr. today and was given Keflex for the ?infection. If this is that wil lthis stop the leakage and the pain?Mamagram showed leakage 2 years ago. They said not to do anything as ther was no symtoms at that time. When I got home today,I checked and I can feel a piece of the implant sticking out a little bit. Is there anything I need to be concerned about imediately other than the pain? I cant afford to have this done till next month.

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Saline implant issue

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A saline implant if leaking will go flat and the salie is absorbed.  It sounds like the implant needs to be changed.

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Saline is absorbed in the body

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Saline is basically salt water that your body absorbs and should cause no troubles other than a smaller sized implant.  If there is an infection present, it could spread, causing you to get very sick and possibly resulting in death. I would revisit a board-certified PS for an exam and be honest about your situation. I believe if there is not an infection present, he/she will let you decide the timing on getting this problem solved. Good luck.

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