Is It Possible a Saline Implant Moves Away from Muscle After 12 Years?

I have had my implants underneath the muscle for 12 years and no problems....I was doing some heavy lifting yesterday at work and now having pain in my right breast. Intermittenly with certain movements. As long as I wear a sports bra and keep the breast from moving its fine, but I am scared that I have done something to the implant? I am hoping I just pulled my pectoralis muscle, but is it possible I pulled my implant away from the muscle? Someone told me this is possible now I am in panic mode.

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Saline Implant Away From Muscle after 12 Years

  After physical exertion, the muscle itself, implant or not, can become irritated or strained.  A physical exam would be necessary to rule out anything else.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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It sounds like you have muscular pain from the activity. There must be some degree of capsular contracture after 12 years. See your plasic surgeon for follow up

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
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Muscle Soreness with Breast Augmentation

It sounds like you have some muscle soreness from the heavy lifting rather than something to do with the implant. From your description, the implants seems to be fine. I would suggest taking anti-inflammatory medicines and take it easy for a while. If it is not better in six weeks, follow up with your doctor. An evaluation in person would be a much better way to figure out what is going on.

Michael Horn, MD
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Pain 12 years after breast surgery

Most likely this is a musculoskeletal injury. There isn't much you could do to the implant that would cause pain. 

However, no one will figure this out on line. A visit to your surgeon or your physician (who will probably send you to your surgeon) can answer your question.

Best wishes.

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