Breast Implant Encapsulation 12 Years Post Op?

I had saline implants in 2000 and was instructed to exercise the implants and take 1000 units of vitamin E every day from then on out. The implants on both the right and left side began to attach. I had to go in to the office 3 times a week to have the nurse move the implants for me. It was painful, often causing popping sounds within the wall. I had the implants recently checked because one felt tight. The dr. said 1 was encapsulated because I had stopped exercising. Does this sound right?

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See your surgeon

Surgeon post-surgery instructions vary. Generally, I don't recommend massage after surgery to most of my patients, however you had your surgery over a decade ago so it was probably very different then. I recommend you see your surgeon and discuss medical treatment, which may involve revision surgery. Best of luck.

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12 years ago the instructions after breast augmentation were different. In our practice we don't tell our patients to massage there implants.

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